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Flamenco is a web-based interface for browsing large collections of items such as documents or photographs. In a Flamenco collection, each item is assigned one or more category terms from one or more facets. A facet is a set of categories; for example, buildings could be classified under a "material" facet (with categories such as "brick" and "wood") and a "location" facet (with categories such as "France" and "Winnipeg"). In a hierarchical facet, the categories are arranged in a hierarchy tree. So, in our example, the "location" facet could be hierarchical, with "Winnipeg" a subcategory under "Manitoba", and "Manitoba" a subcategory under "Canada".

We assume that at this point you have a collection of items that have already been assigned into faceted categories. (To give you a quick start, the Flamenco distribution includes a sample collection.) This set of web pages explains how to set up Flamenco to provide a flexible web-based interface for browsing and searching your collection.

This software is being released under a version of the BSD License.

New! How to install on a Mac

Instructions on how to install Flamenco on a Mac running OS 10.4.10, contributed by Rajendra Bose.

Need help?

Discuss problems and solutions on the Flamenco Help Forum.

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This documentation was last updated on 4/23/2006 and accompanies software release flamenco-1.0.

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