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The CGI script doesn't run at all.

If you get an error message like "Not Found", the CGI script is probably not installed at the URL you used. Relocate the script or check the URL.

If you get an error message like "Forbidden", "Permission Denied", or "Premature End of Script Headers", check the permissions on the CGI script. It needs to be executable by all users. If your Web server uses suexec, it also needs to be writable only by its owner. To set these permissions, do chmod 755 flamenco.cgi. If you still get a "Forbidden" error after checking the permissions, check your Web server configuration to make sure that CGI script execution is enabled in the location where you put the script.

Also, check the first line of the CGI script. The first line should consist of a number-sign and an exclamation point immediately followed by a command that will run Python. Try changing it to use the path to a specific python executable for Python version 2.3 or higher, and make sure that the python file you specify is executable by the Web server's user account.

I clicked on the instance name, but Flamenco didn't start up.

If Flamenco fails to start, the last few lines of the log should be displayed in your Web browser. These messages may give you a clue as to why it failed. You can examine the log file at target/instances/instance/log.txt to see more of the record of what happened.

If the log says that no ports were available, check whether the ports in the specified port range are blocked by a firewall or are being used by other services.

Foreign or accented characters don't appear correctly in my browser.

Flamenco uses 8-bit strings throughout, not Unicode (unfortunately). All the names, category terms, and attribute values in the database are treated as strings in the ISO-8859-1 character set (also known as Latin-1), so only characters in that character set can be displayed. If you have accented characters in your data files, make sure that they are encoded using the Latin-1 character set.

An error occurred while building the Lucene index.

Check to make sure that TCP access to your MySQL server is turned on. In some Linux configurations, TCP access is turned off by default (look for the skip-networking setting in my.cnf, the MySQL configuration file).

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